Drowning, 2016

Drowning explores Manifold’s interest in the human condition and environmental conservation.

In the Raby series, fragments of a blue and white pattern plate and doll fragments from the 1878 Loch Ard shipwreck tragedy lie amongst the seaweed.  The work refers to young Rebecca (Raby) Carmichael, who drowned along with her parents and siblings on the Loch Ard. Raby’s sister Eva was one of only 2 survivors.

Manifold has completed over 100 dives on the Loch Ard, transporting its essence into film, the visual arts, a book, and the creation of a shipwreck museum at Port Campbell.

Southern Ocean Wrack considers contemporary environmental issues – a tangle of discarded ropes, buoys and fishing gear, and storm tossed sea weeds and fish, litter the shore.

These works are both a reminder of that current migration issues are not new, and that the ocean is drowning in human waste.