‘Botanica extincti’, 2019
Botanica extincti highlights Australia’s iconic eucalypts and plants which are endangered by climate change, pest animals and weeds, and even new technology which can initiate re-classifications. It is inspired by the work of my botanist aunt SGM (Maisie) Carr (nee Fawcett) who researched eucalypts from 1958 to 1988.

‘Southern Ocean’, 2017
A series of linocuts, some with sequins and buttons, Loch Ard shipwreck tragedy

‘Flowers of the Field’, 2016
Set of 18 linocuts on fabric (army coat) with hand embroidery and beads (various sizes)

‘French Threads – For My Children’s Children’, 2015
Set of 9 linocuts with hand embroidery and beads (75 x 56 cm)

‘Trousseau: The Red Wedding Dress’ -2014
One linocut (76 x 56cm paper size) with silk applique, beading, and embroidery and a booklet (33 x 33cm) of 8 prints.  Marie Anne – 18 Mai 1766 (48 x 38cm paper size).

‘Marie Antoinette through the Notebook’, 2012
24 linocuts, hand painted, silk appliqué , embroidery and/or beads

‘The Stony Rises Project’ – Marion´s Folio, 2009
* Click here to visit The Stony Rises Project website
Set of 6 linocuts

‘Colonial Landscapes’, 2007
Set of 4 linocuts

‘Barbies Grand Tour’, 2006
Set of 9 two-sided digital prints in a black folder (56 x 40cm each print)

‘The Seven Sisters’, 2006
Set of 9 linoprints in folder (76 x 56cm each print)

‘Violette 10s.6d’, 2006
Triptych etching (56 x 150cm)

‘Ex Corpo’, 2005
Set of 13 linoprints in solander box (50 x 38cm each print)

‘The arms and legs and other bits of the Countess’, 2005
Set of 10 digital prints, gold paint, screen-printed interleaves in gold box (33 x 33cm each print)

‘The Doll’s House Raby’s World’, 2004
Temporary exhibition at the Doll’s house 108 Miller St Preston, 3072

‘Exquisite Corpse’, 2004
Set of 9 linoprints in folder (76 x 56cm each print)

‘Of Essence and Lace Trimmings’, 2003
Set of 23 etchings with lace and bead trimmings in solander box

‘MM: A Reconstruction’, 2002
Set of 8 linoprints and printed interleaves in lino-printed box

‘Sub Rosa’, 2001
Varied works from solo exhibition Sub Rosa

‘a finely boned, beautiful face Botticelli would want to paint’ (A. Clark), 2001
Set of 9 digital prints and tissue interleaves in black lacquer box. (56 x 40cm each print)

‘a woman slept like an animal ensconced in its shell…’ (M.Leiris), 2001
2 of 5 digital prints (40 x 56cm each print)

‘My Mother’s, Mother’s Mother’s Rose’, 2000

Set of 9 digital prints and printed interleaves in rose velvet screen-printed box. (56 x 40cm each print)

‘Papillons’, 2000
Set of 5 digital prints (40 x 56cm each print)

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