‘Southern Ocean’, 2017
A series of linocuts, handsewn with sequins and buttons, Loch Ard shipwreck tragedy

Marion Manifold_Raby_Linocut & wash, 35 x 45cm

“Raby” (Linocut & wash, 35cm x 45cm)

Marion Manifold_Raby 1_Linocut, wash & hand-sewn buttons_36 x 44cm

“Raby 1” (Linocut, wash & hand sewn buttons, 36cm x 44cm)

Marion Manifold_Raby2_Linocut, hand sewn beads and button_76 x 56cm

“Raby 2” (Linocut, wash & hand sewn beads, 76cm x 56cm)

Marion Manifold_Raby 3_Linocut & hand-sewn sequins & buttons_34.5 x 40cm

“Raby 3” (Linocut, wash & hand sewn buttons, 34.5cm x 40cm)

Marion Manifold_Raby 4_Linocut & hand-sewn sequins & buttons_38 x 29cm

“Raby 4” (Linocut, wash & hand sewn sequins & buttons, 38cm x 29cm)

Marion Manifold_ Raby 5_34 x 40cm

“Raby 5” (Linocut & wash 34cm x 40cm)

Marion Manifold_ Raby 6_Linocut & wash_21 x 17cm

“Raby 6” (Linocut & wash 21cm x 17cm)

Marion Manifold_Raby7_Linocut & wash_21 x 17cm

“Raby 7” (Linocut & wash 21cm x 17cm)

Marion Manifold_Raby8

“Raby 8” (Linocut & wash)

Marion Manifold_ Raby_9

“Raby 9” (Linocut & wash)

Marion Manifold_In the Depths of the Temple_Linocut with hand-sewn sequins and buttons_45 x 56.5cm

“In the Depths of the Temple” (Linocut, wash & hand sewn sequins & buttons, 45cm x 56.5cm)

Marion Manifold_Southern Ocean Wrack 1-3_Linocut & wash_(triptych)_ 82 x 366cm

“Southern Ocean Wrack 1-3”, Triptych (Linocut & wash, 82cm x 366cm)